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Mandatory Eight Count: Klitschko-Arreola Hangover Edition

VICTORY!!! Vitali Klitschko channels <a href="" target="new">Tarvold</a>. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)
VICTORY!!! Vitali Klitschko channels Tarvold. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Like it or not, Klitschko best in show - Yahoo! Sports
Kevin Iole says no one will beat Vitali Klitschko without a weapon.

Defeated Cris Arreola vows to get back into the ring quickly --
Arreola says he wants to fight as soon as possible, in December or January. This is a kid to get behind. He wants to get right back on the horse.

Cris Arreola offers little threat to Klitschkos - Times Online
Ron Lewis looks at Arreola's one-sided loss, and wonders where the threats to the Klitschkos are going to come from.

CompuBox Punch Stats: Klitschko Wipes Arreola Out (
I actually didn't run this because of the line, "The only heavyweight championship fight that matters right now is Klitschko v. Klitschko, a fight that would hopefully put both (and boxing fans) out of their misery!" Strangely biased. Maybe instead of continuing to complain about the Klitschkos and the clinics they put on, people should be more concerned about the fact that there literally isn't anyone in the sport that is going to give them a real test.

Klitschko turns in another dominating (but boring) performance - The Ring
Michael Rosenthal joins the "boring" choir. I honestly thought it was a fairly entertaining fight, a great performance by Klitschko, and it was almost heartbreaking to watch Arreola keep coming forward, walking into shots, and just not being able to get anything done. People really don't like the Klitschkos. Where are their protectors? Floyd has an army of people running 'round, yelling about his lack of respect.

So why is Klitschko the bad guy? - LA Daily News
Ramona Shelburne wonders, as the title indicates, why Vitali Klitschko (and his brother Wladimir) just haven't gotten more popular in the States. It's probably not his posture...

The Associated Press: Klitschko just can't get any respect
Tim Dahlberg loves on Vitali Klitschko, and compares the fight to Mayweather-Marquez. "This one was an HBO freebie, put on almost as an afterthought to fill space after the replay of Mayweather-Marquez," says Dahlberg. Yes, there wasn't plenty of hype for this fight, good call. Way to pay attention. Otherwise, good article.

On The Fly: Jones, Hopkins Schedule Senior Boxing Rematch --
Hartford Courant remarks, "Sixteen years after Roy Jones Jr. scored a unanimous decision over Bernard Hopkins, the boxers will meet again early next year. Together, these legends have 109 wins. They're also a combined 94 years old. This will not be the event that saves boxing." Ha! Totally. One million people just ordered Mayweather-Marquez. Save us, please, something! Also, 44 plus 40 is not 94.

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