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Amir Khan hoping to fight Dmitriy Salita in December

Amir Khan hopes to fight Dmitriy Salita sometime in December. Promoter Frank Warren is working on a deal. (Photo via <a href=""></a>)
Amir Khan hopes to fight Dmitriy Salita sometime in December. Promoter Frank Warren is working on a deal. (Photo via

Promoter Frank Warren is working on securing a December date for his fighter, 140-pound titlist Amir Khan, against Dmitriy Salita. Says Khan:

"We've been in talks with them and nothing has been confirmed but I'd like to fight him," Khan said.

"He's a mandatory for the title, but I don't see what the big hoo-ha is about, because at the end of the day, if they really want the fight and I'm giving Salita a chance to fight for my title, I think he should grab that with both hands.

"He might never get that chance again and I think it will be a big fight. He's a number one contender and I think he's the ideal fight for me at this moment in time.

"He's an American and I want to build my name up in America, so this is a fight to target."

A few quick points:

  1. If Amir Khan thinks a fight with Dmitriy Salita is going to build his name in America past the Jewish community in New York, he's nuts. Nobody over here knows Salita any more than anyone in England does.
  2. It won't really be a big fight at all unless they build it as Muslim v. Jew, which is precisely what both of them have said they do not want as this fight has been in talks. Otherwise this is no bigger than Kotelnik-Khan was.
  3. "The ideal fight" for Amir Khan will pretty much always be slower guys that don't punch very hard and will have a hell of a time reaching him.

I like Khan, but "ideal fights" have been pretty much all he's taken thus far. I kind of feel the same way about Andre Berto, and it's no big hairy deal because the time will certainly come when they have to step up and get more risky, but if you're going to walk around calling yourself "champion," then fight like you really believe it. It's more to do with promoters than the fighters themselves, too.

All things considered, though, and being fair and not just jumping on Khan and Warren for doing what they should, it's a great matchup for Khan, should result in a pretty easy win (sorry, Dmitriy) and will keep him moving.

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