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Richard Schaefer defends Juan Diaz in response to Malignaggi

(Photo by Will Hart, via <a href=""></a>)
(Photo by Will Hart, via

A Golden Boy press release has Richard Schaefer respondong to the recent incendiary remarks from Paulie Malignaggi, defending his fighter, Juan Diaz, and his future in the sport. Malignaggi ripped into Diaz after Diaz decided to turn down a possible December rematch.

Said Schaefer:

"Let the facts be facts. Juan Diaz won the first fight. The only controversy was the wide margin on one of the judges score cards, so there is no reason for Juan Diaz to take short money to fight Paulie Malignaggi again. If Paulie wants to take short money and make it worth Juan's while to come to New York and beat him again, then let us know and we are ready.

"Juan is one of the most exciting fighters in the world and has a very loyal fan base in Texas which turns out in big numbers to see him fight. If Paulie does not generate the same amount of money at the gate, then why should Juan be punished for that?

"Juan will fight anyone, anywhere as long as it makes sense from a career and a financial point of view. All of us at Golden Boy are extremely proud of what Juan Diaz has accomplished in and out of the ring.

"Juan delivers in the ring every single time with a thrilling performance. There is no need for Paulie nor Lou DiBella to attack him in any way. Juan has plenty of other options which we will now diligently pursue. These options include a possible mega fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, Robert Guerrero, the winner of Guzman vs. Funeka or a potential showdown with Ricky Hatton in England should Ricky decide to return to the ring.

"We wish Paulie Malignaggi much success with his career."

And so that's that, at least for now. If only because of his connection with Golden Boy, Juan Diaz has a lot more options than Paulie Malignaggi does, which in some ways is a shame, but whatever, it is what it is. Golden Boy can probably wrangle him a Marquez rematch or the Hatton fight if Ricky fights again, and then there are the lesser fights, which are all just as big as Paulie, and those guys also might come to Texas to fight Juan. Not everybody has the pride to not fight in Texas, as Malignaggi says he'll never do again. Some people need the money, or just want the money, and Diaz draws a lot of it in Houston.

I'm still guessing we might see these two fight again in 2010 if there's nothing bigger for either of them out there, which is entirely possible.

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