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HBO showing Pacquiao-Marquez I online

In anticipation of the September 19 fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez, HBO is playing Marquez's epic first fight against Manny Pacquiao from 2004. For those that have never seen it, it's a genuine classic, one of the decade's best and most memorable fights. The resolve, skill and heart that Marquez showed in this fight is on another level.

Click here to watch the fight on (QuickTime format, there's also a Windows Media option)

Another good reason to watch this fight right now: If you're having trouble getting yourself hyped for Mayweather-Marquez, I think watching some of Marquez's greatest fights is a good way to get in the mood. It's the warrior spirit and guile of Marquez that will make this fight memorable if anything does.

Marquez might well go down hard and swinging on September 19, but this fight proves one thing for sure. He's a hard man to keep down.

This is one of the few times I'll say something really positive about this fight's promotion. Actually, HBO has done fine, putting a "24/7" in place and now doing stuff like this. They're trying here, but they're fighting an uphill battle and then some at this point.

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