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Mayweather getting whooped in sparring?

Did Lamont Peterson more than hold his own against Floyd Mayweather in sparring?  via <a href=""></a>
Did Lamont Peterson more than hold his own against Floyd Mayweather in sparring? via

Leave it up to Rick Reeno to dig up the dirt, and he appears to have gotten it good this time.  It may just be an internet rumor, and it may just be a smokescreen from one fighter or another, either to build up hype for Mayweather-Marquez or to build up hype for Bradley-Peterson, but this is certainly interesting from the perspective of both fights.

Reeno is reporting that in sparring, Lamont Peterson did his thing and stayed even with Floyd Mayweather in one day of sparring, and pretty much kicked his butt in another.  It's interesting, because Mayweather's camp put out information that Floyd had made Peterson quit in sparring.  Evidently, this was enough for Peterson to fire back.  From Peterson's trainer, Barry Hunter:

Keep in mind, Lamont was out of shape with 18 ounce gloves on.  I have to tell you, it was unbelievable to watch.  I wish I had a tape to show you.  They thought after the first day we weren't coming back but we went right back.  THe second day, Lamont was off the chain.  It was raw, uncut and the things they said to each other you certainly wouldn't want to say in a church.  They, meaning the uncle and father, thought it was the best work Floyd ever got.  The combinations, the skill, it was unbelievable to watch those two.

Of course, Mayweather has had some problems in sparring before, and that's never hurt him on fight night.  There is that famed sparring session between Floyd Mayweather and Paul Spadafora that many believe led to Floyd never facing Spadafora, despite being the other prominent undefeated fighter in his weight class.

For whatever it's worth, former real warrior come-internet warrior Anthony Thompson is saying that he spoke with Lamont himself (who was in Vegas specifically to see Thompson's aborted fight with Grady Brewer), as well as another guy who was at the gym, and that Floyd got his butt kicked. 

For all the hard work and puffery we see on 24/7, there sure are a whole lot of horror stories floating out of both camps for next week's huge matchup.  And if Peterson is beating Floyd Mayweather in sparring, then Timothy Bradley might be in serious trouble.

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