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Insane Michael Katsidis wants to fight Anthony Mundine

Australian lightweight contender Michael Katsidis told the Australian Associated Press that he wants to secure a fight with former super middleweight titlist and current middleweight contender Anthony Mundine.

Yes, seriously.

"This is something that would really lift the profile of the sport in Australia. It's just not me, I think a lot of people would like to see that. The very first time it dawned upon me is when [Mundine] flew over to watch me fight Casamayor. He came over to America and he stood next to me and I thought he's not that much taller. He's definitely not wider than me, in the shoulders, he's not as big as me."

In the words of Brennan Huff, "You sound insane, do you realize that?"

I'm not saying listings are always right, but they're generally very close. Mundine is 5'11" with a 70" reach. Katsidis is 5'7" with a 66" reach.

Mundine has fought most of his career at 168 pounds. Katsidis' highest weight on the scales was 144 pounds, back in 2006.

I know that size differences like this do happen at heavyweight, but it's just not the same. Katsidis would want to do the fight at 154 pounds, which would likely weaken Mundine pretty well, but what would it do to the little speed Katsidis has? Katsidis is a lumbering, slow lightweight. How would he look springing up suddenly to 154 pounds?

Utter insanity, but I guess it's really not a lot more ridiculous than supposed big-time fighter Mundine fighting a guy who's had eight pro bouts.

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