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Rumor: Hopkins-Jones rematch in April in Atlantic City

A Monday message on Bernard Hopkins' Facebook page let us know that he's apparently got a fight lined up for April in Atlantic City:


The rumor is that Hopkins will indeed fight Roy Jones Jr. with that April date. Currently, there are no April shows lined up by HBO except for the April 24 date that will feature Cristobal Arreola in the main event. Whether or not HBO would be interested in Hopkins-Jones II at this point is anyone's guess. You'd like to think they wouldn't be, but minds can change pretty quickly, and if Bernard and Roy are realistic about their purses and all that (particularly Roy, who made a financial killing fighting Danny Green in December, even with the loss), HBO might go ahead and televise this long-awaited grudge match.

The two famously argued live on HBO from two different states years ago:

And sure, the fight has now lost 99.6% of the appeal it had then, but they're still names. Again, it would take both guys (and again again, especially Roy) realizing this fight isn't the mega-money showdown they wanted it to be, but it could get done, and it could be on HBO.

For another thing, trying to take this possible fight to PPV will just lose everyone money, no matter what they do. It would be a Golden Boy/Square Ring event, meaning we'd be treated to some atrocious undercard probably featuring BJ Flores and other guys who are relatively inexpensive, in-house options, and then you've got a couple of geezers in the main event who have been bickering forever and are rematching far, far too late. To whom would that card be sold for $40-50?

Anyway, it's just a rumor for now, but there are so few options for Hopkins out there that it seems entirely possible, and in some ways, even understandable.

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