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Ricky Hatton officially announces his comeback

Over at Ricky Hatton's official web site, "The Hitman" has confirmed that he will indeed return to boxing. The video can be seen here.

Hatton says he'll fight "around the summer time," with no date or opponent named as of yet. Hatton feels as though he came back too fast after his first loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr., and believes that this time he took enough time off to really "have a good think."

Hatton says he'll start training in February. He also again said that his camp for the Pacquiao fight wasn't to his liking, and that he feels a lesser fighter than Manny Pacquiao could have knocked him out that night.

Most talk recently has been that Hatton will come back at 147 pounds, but when discussing possible opponents, he mentioned Juan Urango, a fighter Hatton has already beaten. Urango has a fight set with Devon Alexander for March 6. He says he doesn't want to have a fight against a patsy opponent, preferring a pound-for-pound contender or someone who holds a major title.

Personally, I'm glad to hear Ricky's coming back, and that he doesn't want to take some easy fight just to get back in the win column. It shows you the kind of fighter he is, I think.

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