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Early Weekend Results

No double knockdown this time, but Paul Samuels and Cello Renda once again put on an entertaining brawl this weekend.
No double knockdown this time, but Paul Samuels and Cello Renda once again put on an entertaining brawl this weekend.
  • Rob Norton D12 David Nolan.  In a back and forth bout, Norton did well early, then ran out of gas late, and both fighters completely went for broke in the 12th round.  Norton retained his BBBoC cruiserweight title.
  • Paul Samuels W8 Cello Renda.  The first matchup was one of the surprise fights of the year last year, and while this wasn't as wild as the original, this was supposed to be a banging fight, or at least what Sky showed of it.  Sky Sports had the temerity to actually miss entire rounds of this one to interview Ricky Hatton.  The fight ended up being very well contested again, with Samuels winning 77-74 and both fighters getting knocked down.  This probably puts the elder Welshman in line for one last regional title shot. 
  • On Friday Night Fights, Juan Carlos Burgos scored a final round knockout in a fight he seemed to be winning (although to continue a theme from last year, one judge actually had the bout scored even).  Prospect Demetrius "Boo Boo" Andrade walked through a completely overmatched opponent in a fight that taught nobody anything.  Yaundale Evans scored a win over game (and too tough for his own good) Gino Escamilla, making it the second time in a row that an Evans opponent really made the fight.  Evans fought through a bad cut again, so it looks like that will be a career problem.
  • In the Philippines, Milan Melindo and AJ Banal both won their fights.  Melindo jumped all the way from strawweight to flyweight and captured a fringe trinket in defeating Anthony Villarreal.  The fight was scheduled for light flyweight, but Melindo couldn't make weight, and the WBC saw it in their collective hearts to put a flyweight belt on the line for the fight instead.  In an amusing action of mild protest, Villarreal reportedly ate a slice of pizza while on the scales to get up to flyweight.  Melindo knocked down Villarreal in the first, but Villarreal managed to test the tired Melindo late.  Banal knocked out Mexican gatekeeper Cecilio Santos in the fourth round.
  • In Thailand, there was one of those utter ridiculous cards that makes me wonder how those kinds of fights can be legal, as well as why anyone would pay any money to actually go see them.  Former titlist Medgoen Singsurat and contenders Panomroonglek Kratingdaenggym and Chatchai Sor Tanayong brought their combined 95-6 records to the ring to face fighters with combined records of 8-3-1.  Predictably, all won by knockout.  I realize they don't keep spectacular records of fights over there, and a lot of guys have experience with Muay Thai as well as boxing (and thus the records can be deceptive), but this is just silly.

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