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Allan Green-Sakio Bika crumbles, Green headed to Super Six

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Allan_green_195_medium reported today that after some speculation, the February 5 Shobox Super Six qualifier between Sakio Bika and Allan Green has fallen apart.

Raise your hand if you're 0.0006% surprised that a fight between Allan Green and Sakio Bika has failed to come about. Seriously. Raise your hand, and then comment about your shock. Someone out there has to be surprised. Someone out there has to really think, "Man, this guy in Creed has some great riffs."

Come on. Anybody? Come on! Don't be shy! Allan Green and Sakio Bika, guys who always get their fights made! As reliable as they come!


Word is now that Green will simply move forward and replace Jermain Taylor in the Super Six World Boxing Classic, facing Andre Ward on April 17. Green was supposedly always the alternate for the tournament, and his name came up when Gary Shaw (who promotes tournament participant Andre Dirrell) was hemming and hawing about something during footage from Showtime's documentary series about the tournament.

So after all of this, where we got the six fighters lined up, Green was rumored to be the alternate, Taylor pulls out, and then there's talk of an exciting fight between Green and Bika to decide who will get in, another shocker emerges: It'll just be Allan Green (DiBella fighter) in the tournament.

I have to sit down. I can't take this kind of surprise.

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