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Some rumored matchups...

  • Riddick Bowe versus Juan Carlos Gomez.  Big Daddy, please, just don't.  I find it hard to believe that anyone would even sanction Bowe to fight in the condition that he's in.  Still, the man needs a paycheck.  It might be interesting to see which one would be lazier and less motivated - both are notoriously unmotivated.   Bowe's been rumored to come back about 20 times now in the last decade, but he's only actually fought three times, and he reportedly looked pretty bad against Billy Zumbrun about five years ago. 
  • Steve Forbes versus Gavin Rees, on the Alexander-Urango undercard.  You could think of this one as a poor, poor man's version of Floyd Mayweather versus Ricky Hatton (or as Taco Pal said, "a starving refugee's Mayweather-Hatton".  Tim Coleman, realizing that nobody cares about his regional title, is also calling out Forbes, who is probably the biggest payday reasonably available for him.
  • Rodel Mayol versus Omar Nino.  This one's been on again, off again.  Nino is Mayol's mandatory, but at first Mayol refused to make the fight.  Then he agreed to the fight, but pulled out because the fight was to be in Mexico. Now it appears this will get done, since the WBC has threatened to strip Mayol if he doesn't sign a contract in the next week.
  • Artur Grigorian versus Matt Zegan II.  Speaking of the seniors tour, it looks like Grigorian, former longtime lightweight titlist who feasted on creampuffs in Europe for 17 defenses, may rematch Zegan, who he controversially beat in 2003.  Zegan is 3-4 in his last 7 fights, and the 43 year old Grigorian has fought only once (against a club fighter) in the last six years.  File this one under 'long overdue rematches I couldn't care less about.'
  • Marco Huck versus Adam "Swamp Donkey" Richards.  If it happens, this looks like a fight of the year candidate on paper.  Richards recently dropped to cruiserweight and supposedly looks good there after spending most of his career as a heavyweight, with a weight as high as 256 pounds.  Both guys are offense first fighters, although Huck is a little less prone to block punches with his face. 

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