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James Toney wants to fight in UFC

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

41-year-old heavyweight fringe contender and formerly great fighter James "Lights Out" Toney seems to have run out of possibly interesting fights in boxing, though to hear Toney tell it, he's being ducked by everyone in boxing, including the -- as he puts it -- "Klitschko sisters," who are both afraid of him.

With that in mind, Toney and UFC promoter Dana White exchanged words at the UFC 108 post-fight press conference, with Toney saying he's ready to come in and fight in the UFC.

Ariel Helwani of FanHouse and Joe Ferraro of Rogers SportsNet were there for the verbal action:

A key quote from Dana White, who is either attempting to sell Toney to a non-boxing audience that doesn't know any better, or is, well, "promoting":

"Of all the guys they've tried to bring from boxing, either guy who were shot or too old. James Toney is the real deal," White told Rogers SportsNet's Joe Ferraro. "He's a nasty, mean dude. We're going to sit down and talk tonight."

Toney is of course rather old, and looked quite poor in his last major (loosely used term) fight against Fres Oquendo in December 2008. He did return leaner than he's been in years in September against Matthew Greer (12-6, 11 KO) and stopped Greer in two. I don't doubt Toney's ambition, but I wouldn't say I'd like his chances against anyone good.

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