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Marvin Sonsona's dedication being questioned

Marvin Sonsona's reputation is heading the wrong way.
Marvin Sonsona's reputation is heading the wrong way.

Filipino super prospect Marvin Sonsona is having his dedication questioned by his trainer Nonito Donaire Sr. after missing a flight from General Santos City to Manila. This comes on the heels of Sonsona badly blowing off the 115-pound weight limit for his last fight, which caused him to lose his title on the scales and necessitate a move all the way up to 122 pounds.

Ronnie Nathanielsz reports that Donaire Sr. "is visibly concerned" over what this means for the 19-year-old fighter, whose talent and fast development had many calling him the next Manny Pacquiao, at least as far as Filipino fighters go. Sonsona has been moved very quickly and even has another title fight lined up, this time on February 27 in Puerto Rico against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., for the vacant WBO junior featherweight title. Juan Manuel Lopez has given up that belt to move to the featherweight ranks.

It's hard to know what this really means until anyone can find out why Sonsona missed his flight, but it's unquestionable that he's gaining a pretty poor reputation right now. Is it a case of a kid being given too much, too soon? Is it just a case of being a 19-year-old kid? Whatever it is, it seems that boxing has a habit of always shining a light on things like this and explaining them, or at least giving us a rough idea. I'm guessing even if we never know why he missed the flight or other things of that nature, we'll find out plenty in the ring.

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