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Diddy steps between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Rick Ross at Vegas club

Rick_ross_ringtone_medium Since there's so little going on in the boxing world right now, things like Wladimir Klitschko dating Hayden Panettiere and Floyd Mayweather Jr. continuing his moronic feud with alleged rapper Rick Ross seem worth discussion to me at the moment.

TMZ says that Mayweather and Ross nearly had a fight break out at a Vegas club last night, before Diddy stepped in to break up the entourages and pass the peace pipe. After that everyone peacefully partied.

Nelly was also on hand but did nothing. Way to go, Nelly.

I know Floyd Mayweather is a trained professional boxer and one of the best in the world and all that, and that he can surely handle himself in a street fight, but if you take away the entourages, how long do you figure this lasts before Ross simply picks Mayweather up and throws him through, onto, or into something? The size difference is pretty big. Mayweather walks around at, what, 160 at the most? The guy doesn't stray too far from his 147-pound fighting weight and he comes in at about 5'8". Ross is no giant (IMDb says he's 6 feet tall), but a big dude.

I think I'd sooner pick Mayweather to lose a fight to Ross than I would Mayweather to lose to Paulie Malignaggi.

Anyway, kudos to Diddy for stopping a couple of grown men from acting like idiots, I guess.

And now we continue to wait for news. Who else is pumped for the Roman Karmazin fight on Friday? My God...

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