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Top Rank looking at Yuri Foreman-Miguel Cotto fight

Top Rank's Facebook has another interesting tidbit tonight, this time about a possible 2010 fight between junior middleweight titleholder Yuri Foreman and former welterweight titlist Miguel Cotto:


This has come up before in the last month or so in discussion of Cotto's intentions for 2010. Cotto says 2010 will be his last year as an active fighter, which may or may not actually happen (and probably not), and as he's basically fought everyone he's going to fight at 147 (Mosley, Pacquiao, Clottey), a move to 154 and a crack at Foreman's title is something he's said he'll definitely consider. It'd be a good MSG fight with Cotto's Puerto Rican following there, and with Foreman bringing in plenty of Jewish fans, too. They could really do a good house, especially if paired up in June with the possible Lopez-Gamboa fight.

I do think it's a really rough matchup for Miguel. Cotto isn't a big welterweight by any means, and Foreman is a sizable junior middleweight with plenty of skill, and he's a lot fresher than Cotto is. Pacquiao and his team allegedly turned down Foreman because of the height and size differential, but Miguel is only about an inch taller than Pacquiao. Foreman would still have a good advantage against Cotto, and I think I'd pick Yuri to get a decision if I were making a very, very early pick right now (which I am, sort of).

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