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Worldwide Weekend Results - Sprott wins Prizefighter, Pongsaklek defends

London, England

Michael Sprott SD3 Matt Skelton - For one of the few times in Prizefighter history, everything went pretty much as planned.  While none of them is close to their best, each of Sprott, Skelton and Kevin McBride advanced past the initial round, with Skelton beating McBride and Sprott beating Shane McPhilbon to make it to the finals.  Sprott had lost twice previously to the 43-year old Skelton, but he was able to take the top prize in a three round fight by having the crisper punching, despite being tired after the first two bouts.  Before Prizefighter, Sprott had been on a 2-5 run, including most recently his dramatic 12th round knockout loss to Audley Harrison in a fight he was otherwise winning.  Prizefighter has launched or relaunched the career of a few of its winners, so don't be shocked if he's at least used as a stalking horse by David Haye to try negotiating better terms with Adamek or the Klitschkos.

Srisaket, Thailand

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam UD12 Suriyan Por Chokchai - While reported yesterday, along with some results from during the week, more information has come out on this one.  Thai news sources are reporting this as a fight of the year candidate, as it sounds like Pongsaklek decided to give fans a show rather than playing it safe.  He started out the show somewhat lethargic, with Suriyan taking the early rounds with hard counters.  As the fight wore on, whenever one threw the other had an answer, culminating in late rounds where the two just flat out brawled with little regard for defense.  The champ pulled out the win only by winning the final round, as the frenetic pace had worn out his 21-year old opponent.  Hopefully this one will show up on Youtube soon, and when it does, I'll post it here.  While Chokchai falls to only 14-5-1, he may be one to watch out for, being very young and just having given the lineal flyweight champ a very tough fight.

Mexico City, Mexico

Rigoberto Alvarez SD12 Nobuhiro Ishida - Alvarez, older brother of Saul Alvarez, moved down to light middleweight for the first time in his career to claim the newly vacated title when the WBA inexplicably decided to make Miguel Cotto its "super" champion.  Alvarez will likely need to face Austin Trout next.  Most reports I'm seeing say that the decision was questionable, to say the least, and that Ishida generally outboxed Alvarez in a tight fight.

Tlalnepantla, Mexico

Hugo Cazares TKO9 Alberto Rossel - Cazares reportedly fought a bit more defense-minded than usual, but it worked to his advantage, as the aggressive Peruvian wore himself out and ate counterpunches.  In the ninth round, Cazares landed a right hook, knocking Rossel out.  

Monterrey, Mexico

Francisco Arce KO4 Isidro Garcia - Former light flyweight titlist Garcia might be a little too brave for his own good fighting all the way up at super bantamweight.  In the first couple rounds, he spent time moving forward and trying to mix it up with Arce, acting as if he was the bigger fighter and generally landing the harder shots.  Garcia was nearly disqualified after round 2 when he slapped Arce between rounds while being taunted by Arce.  From that point on, it was all Arce, who was just a lot bigger and stronger, and wobbled Garcia numerous times while Garcia mostly tried to play keepaway.  At the end of the fourth round, Arce landed a left hook body shot followed by a straight right to the chin that sent Garcia to his knees, and Arce basically stood over Garcia taunting him as the referee counted to ten. As a side note, Box Azteca's scorecard guy kicks total butt.  

Jorce Lacierva TKO1 Edgar Riovalle - Lacierva jumped all over Riovalle right away and Riovalle never got his bearings, forcing the referee to stop the fight within a minute while under a barrage of punches.

Joondalup, Western Australia

Frank LoPorto UD12 Daniel Dawson - Fresh off his title shot against Sergiy Dzinziruk, Dawson wasn't able to keep things together and lost a points decision to unheralded LoPorto.

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