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Mandatory Eight Count - Permanent Vacations

I will quit boxing in five years - Amir Khan | BBC Sport

Amir Khan says he will quit boxing in five years time, at the age of 28, within the next five years. There's a little ambivalence about this one - I'm getting sick of fighters talking about retiring during or even before what should be their prime. On the other hand, it is a dangerous sport that can cause long-term effects if someone goes on for too long. Then again, we've heard this before, and nine times out of ten it doesn't actually happen.

Bracero, Hamer victorious | Fight News

Gabriel Bracero and Tor Hamer both won fights at BB King's in New York City on Wednesday night. Hamer bounced back from his first career loss by scoring three first round knockdowns on Terrell Nelson, who gave Dominick Guinn a very tough fight on the Martinez-Pavlik undercard. Also winning and remaining undefeated were Dennis Douglin and Isiah Thomas.

Ex-boxer Mesi joins NY athletic commission | BusinessWeek

Two years after he lost a state congressional race, former heavyweight boxing contender Joe Mesi has joined the New York State Athletic Commission as an unpaid deputy commissioner.  Somewhat ironically, it's the NYSAC who helped unwillingly end Mesi's career.  Mesi was always a major draw in western New York, but after suffering a brain bleed against Vassiliy Jirov, the NYSAC (wisely) refused to sanction him to fight.  While he had a few more bouts elsewhere, without being able to draw lots of fans, the risk/reward ratio just wasn't in Mesi's favor, and he turned to civilian life.   

Nigeria's Oruh says Povetkin unlikely to survive their bout next week | RIA Novosti

Alexander Povetkin ducked out of a fight with Wladimir Klitschko to get more seasoning. So what is trainer Teddy Atlas having him do? First he fought Bruce Seldon in an unsanctioned dark match (and Seldon is now asking for a rematch, saying the stoppage was early). Now he's fighting two guys two weeks apart from each other. The first opponent is Teke Oruh, who lost his last two and hasn't fought in two years. The second remains the almighty TBA. Oruh promises he won't let it get to the point where there is a second opponent.

Fernando Guerrero to fight in Atlantic City |

Undefeated boxer Fernando Guerrero is slated to step in the ring next month under the bright lights of Atlantic City, NJ. It sounds like Guerrero will be the main support for the rematch between Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams. No word on the opponent or whether there's any possibility he could be added to the televised card.

Wonjongkam successfully defends | Notifight

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam made the first title defense of his second reign against Suriyan Por Chokchai, AKA Sugar Ray Kaiguhna.  Winning by a razor thin margin of 115-114, 115-112, 114-113, one has to wonder whether age is finally starting to catch up with the man, or if he was just taking it easy against a lesser opponent.  My money's on the former - prime Wonjongkam destroyed Naito, and the recent version struggled.  He had a resurgance against Kameda, but sometimes an old fighter can look really good again for one fight, even though he looks old in all his surrounding fights.  

Dallas Jr. and Estrada win | Boxing Scene

Mike Dallas Jr. scored a second round knockout over normally rugged journeyman Lenin Arroyo.  Until recently, he had never been knocked out in over 30 fights, but in his last three, he was knocked out by Mike Alvarado in two, then by Sadam Ali in five, and now by Dallas in two.  Dallas seems to have lost a little momentum from his win over Lanard Lane, but hopefully he can get back in there with a solid opponent once football season is over and FNF starts up again.  Also on the card, Olympian Shawn Estrada knocked out a guy with a bum knee.  Who knows why the commission allowed someone with a bum knee to fight, but it gave out after a few punches landed and that was it.  

Arce-Garcia to be aired via webcast |

In addition to airing on Televisa in Mexico, the WBC will be streaming this weekend's fight between Francisco "Panchito" Arce and Isidro Garcia, live via high definition webcast.  

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