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Photos and Quotes: Arthur Abraham and Carl Froch in Helsinki

"The first couple of days here have been nice.  I'm in a good mood, a comfortable mood.  This is a bit cold for me since my coach has had me training in 110 degree temperatures.  It is good for the body.  I'm well prepared for Saturday night.''

In response to a question about the size difference and Froch's comments that he was much bigger, Arthur said: "Inside the ring all that matters is to be mentally stable.  It doesn't matter (about being) bigger or stronger, just clever.  The clever fighter always wins.''

KALLE SAUERLAND (Abraham's promoter)
"Right now this is the calm before the storm.  Coverage in Finland has been tremendous.  Arthur and all of us are touched by the Finnish fans who are rooting for him.  Arthur's training camp has been the camp of his life.  This is the fight of his life.  He will reclaim the title in his second division.''

WILFRIED SAUERLAND (Abraham's promoter)
"I've been promoting boxing for more than 30 years and I can't remember the last time I was this excited.  I don't like to make predictions but I'm very confident Arthur will win the belt Saturday night.  From what I heard from his trainers he is in the shape of his life and may even have a few surprises that will test how versatile Froch is.''

CARL FROCH (who greeted the media in Finnish and then repeated it in English)
"It's great to be here in Finland.  I go into every fight to win.  If that means throwing bombs and breaking ribs then, yeah, I'll do everything I can to win my belt back.  I come into the fight with self belief and confidence.  I plan to come into the ring and win this belt back.  I don't think it should have ever been taken away in the first place.  I predict I'm going to win by any means necessary on Saturday night''

MICK HENNESSEY (Froch's promoter)

"This is a sensational fight between two fantastic warriors with big punching power.  Froch is here to claim what is rightfully his, the prestigious WBC belt.  I've said it before and I truly believe it, he is the best super middleweight in the world."

More photos after the jump.

All photos by Tom Casino/Showtime





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