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Thursday and Friday Worldwide Results - Hasegawa and Aoh win titles, Hatton wins easily

Brad Solomon was back in action and made short work of Javier Gallegos, knocking him out in two.  via <a href=""></a>
Brad Solomon was back in action and made short work of Javier Gallegos, knocking him out in two. via

Tokyo, Japan

Hozumi Hasegawa UD12 Juan Carlos Burgos - Our full write-up of the fight is here, and the full fight is available, via Youtube, here. The WBC had previously mandated that the winner of this fight must face Jhonny Gonzalez, which will be must-see TV.  Both guys are supremely talented, and while Gonzalez's chin has frequently let him down, it's unclear whether Hasegawa has carried his power up after moving up two weight classes to featherweight.

Takahiro Aoh UD12 Vitali Tajbert - Aoh becomes one of the unlikeliest two-weight titlists out there, beating current titlist Tajbert fairly convincingly.  Our full write-up of the fight is here.

Lancashire, England

Matthew Hatton KO3 Roberto Belge - In a pretty pathetic mismatch, Matthew Hatton defended his European welterweight title against the Swiss Belge, stopping him in the third round with a left hook to the body.  As one of the few current welterweights with name recognition, expect Hatton's name to keep popping up in rumors to face the other top welterweights out there.  After the fight, Hatton discussed possibly facing Junior Witter, who spent years calling out Hatton's brother.  In another post-fight interview, Witter expressed interest in facing Hatton and sounded confident he'd be winning another world title in the near future.

Martin Murray TKO3 Carlos Nascimento - Murray stayed on the offensive and outclassed Nascimento, handing the Brazilian the third loss of his career.  Murray landed a big right hand that sent his opponent flying into the corner, forcing a stoppage by the referee as Nascimento was defenseless to a barrage of punches.  It's hard to take too much out of this - while Nascimento's previous losses came to Sergei Dzinziruk and Pawel Wolak, the rest of his record is composed of cabdrivers and feather duster salesmen.  Murray said he's targeting the major domestic fighters, including Darrne Barker and Matthew Macklin. 

Scott Quigg UD12 Daniel Kodjo Sassou - Quigg showed significantly more restraint than he has in past fights, picking his spots much better than usual and not wasting too much energy in a fairly dominant performance against Sassou in Quigg's first 12 round fight.  In a good defensive performance, Quigg showed some dimensions he hadn't displayed much previously.  He knocked Sassou down in the 7th with a very quick combination, throwing a left hook and right cross that both got blocked, followed by a very stiff jab down the middle that split Sassou's guard and nailed him with a punch he just never saw coming.  With the victory, Quigg likely will enter the WBA's super bantamweight rankings.

Victoria, Australia

Wale Omotoso TKO4 Juan Alberto Godoy - Omotoso, my personal favorite welterweight prospect, was originally slated to face Muhammad Abdullaev, but ended up facing Argentine journeyman Godoy.  After knocking down Godoy in the fourth, Godoy's corner threw in the towel as the referee was restarting the action, since Godoy was clearly still on shaky legs.  Hopefully we'll finally see him take a step up in the near future. An interesting story about Wale's gym is here.

Managua, Nicaragua

Brad Solomon TKO2 Javier Gallegos - One of our other favorite welterweight prospects, Solomon was slated to face Vitali Demyanenko in a fight that would have put Solomon pretty close to a mandatory position.  Instead, he made short work of late replacement Gallegos, a Mexican journeyman who is a natural lightweight.  Hopefully we'll get to see more of Solomon in the next season of Friday Night Fights, but his race for recognition will be an uphill battle since he lacks a major promoter.

Juan Palacios UD11 Luis Carlos Leon - Recent interim titlist Palacios used constant pressure to easily outgun Leon.  Reportedly, Leon was on a motorcycle more than a bike, running away for most of the stinker and barely throwing a punch.  Palacios will likely be fighting for the WBA's vacant minimumweight title in the near future.

Miguel Acosta KO1 Armando Cordoba - WBA's lightweight "regular" titlist Acosta took a stay busy fight at the WBA convention against journeyman Cordoba.  While Acosta's title wasn't on the line, that didn't prevent him from going for the kill quickly.  A right cross a minute into the fight sent Cordoba to sleep. 

Windhoek, Namibia

Paulus Moses TKO5 Sergio Omar Priotti - Recent titlist Moses got back in the ring in front of his home town and dominated the Argentinian Priotti.  Moses kept Priotti under fire for the full fourth round, and the referee stopped the fight when he saw Priotti come out to start the fifth with still shaky legs. After the fight, Moses expressed his desire for promoter Don King to set up some fights for him in the United States.

Bethuel Ushona UD12 James Kimori - Ushona moved to 23-0 in a dominant performance over the Kenyan Kimori.  Ushona is ranked in the WBO's top 10 at welterweight, and retained his regional trinket.

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