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British Bad Left Hook Get-Together in London This Weekend

An example of a recent get-together in London, as people get together in London. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images for Nike)
An example of a recent get-together in London, as people get together in London. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images for Nike)
Getty Images for Nike

I tried a while ago to organize a meeting of British BLH members for the Frank Warren Night of Champions card at Wembley on February 13th. While that didn't go the way I was hoping, with a smaller turn-out than I expected, I did meet Bazzlad for the first time, and myself and BrianBrock had some right fun and games; wherever I was, he wasn't, and when he came to where we were, we'd gone...

Anyhow, a great night was had, and I'm hoping to put together more meetings for British Bad Left Hookers. Obviously the ideal option is to meet up at fights (and I'm going to Abraham/Froch in Helsinki later this month if anyone wants to tag along!!) but sometimes this is obviously not feasible. This weekend is unfortunately one that I have prior engagements for, and as such cannot get to the Haye/Harrison fight, as much as I would have liked to.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and I have been in conversations with BrianBrock over the last couple of days in order to arrange a meeting this weekend at a venue which will be showing the fight. My other business takes me London way, and Brian is based there at present, in between various stops in his jetset lifestyle. We have decided upon the City Pride Bar in Faringdon, London, as they will have both the Haye/Harrison fight and the Pacquaio/Margarito fight showing live on big screens. Obviously there is some gap between these two fights, and copious amounts of "beer/cider/spirit/girly drink" will be consumed at  this time, for experimental reasons. I'm not sure yet what the experiment is, or what it seeks to achieve, but we can decide as a group when the time comes.

So, all British BLH members (or any others who are willing to make the journey!!), consider this your invite to come along and have a beer, talk random crap about all things boxing, watch a few fights and meet some of the guys you've bantered with on these threads for so long. I'm expecting that myself and Brian will be meeting at around 7 or 8, in order to make sure we're well oiled by the time the Haye/Harrison debacle sorry, 'fight', begins. I'd love to meet some of you, and have a beer or two. First round is on me when we get there (just don't tell BrianBrock I said that!!) and if anyone needs to get hold of me, just leave comments in this thread and I'll email you.The more the merrier.

Hopefully we get a good turnout, and I look forward to a good night of beer, boxing and banter.


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