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Good News, Boxing Fans: Nelly to Perform on Pacquiao-Margarito PPV

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If you weren't already excited about the great fun you were going to have on Saturday night for $54.95 in standard definition, I suggest you sit down right now before you leap through the ceiling.

For years, boxing fans have said, "You know, I sure wish we'd get more meaningful stuff on boxing pay-per-view undercards." There may still be three fights that don't get your engine revved up, but folks, Universal Motown and Derrty Entertainment recording superstar Nelly is going to brighten your night with a performance of his platinum-certified single "Just a Dream."

That's right! Nelly -- the Nelly -- is going to perform at Cowboys Stadium, during the Pacquiao-Margarito PPV, because there just isn't quite enough downtime on these shows.

Since I know we have some older readers here who just might be wondering, "Who the hell is 'Nelly'?" let me tell you that he is one of the top selling hip-hop artists of recent years. He came to us all in 2000 with his classic "Country Grammar (Hot Shit)," and through the years has provided such timeless party favorites as "Hot in Herre," "E.I.," "Ride Wit Me," "Grillz," and "Pimp Juice." He also has recorded with Tim McGraw (!!!) and had a song with Kelly Rowland which was essentially a love letter to Nelly.

The St. Louis native will no doubt be enthusiastically greeted, because we all know how much people who paid money to see a sporting event like to be interrupted by a musical artist they may or may not care for at all. For a great example of how much a giant crowd of people like having mediocre music forced on them, I point you to Kid Rock at WWE WrestleMania 25.

Since you likely think Kid Rock sucks, I have to recommend at least watching until around the 1:50 mark (shortly after) for the all-time greatest crowd reaction to an artist who believes the crowd knows the words to his song. But if you have the ten minutes to watch a man embarrass himself in front of 70,000 people, it's pretty funny all the way through, and I can't help but think Nelly is going to experience something similar.

I should note that Nelly seems like an OK dude and I've liked him the couple of times he was on that show that used to be called Cold Pizza (an awesome attempt at drawing in hungover frat boys) on ESPN.

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