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Friday Global Boxing Results: Odlanier Solis Gets DQ Win Over Ray Austin in Miami

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Odlanier Solis fights Ray Austin at AmericanAirlines Arena on December 17, 2010 in Miami Florida. Solis defeated Austin on a disqualification ruling. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Odlanier Solis fights Ray Austin at AmericanAirlines Arena on December 17, 2010 in Miami Florida. Solis defeated Austin on a disqualification ruling. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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Miami, Florida

  • Odlanier Solis DQ-10 Ray Austin: This sets up Solis (17-0, 12 KO) for a shot at WBC heavyweight titleholder Vitali Klitschko in March. Austin (28-5-4, 18 KO) really should have never been in a WBC eliminator to begin with, but that's the heavyweight division and boxing politics these days. The 40-year-old Cleveland native was 4-0 against mediocre opposition since getting embarrassingly thwarted in two by Wladimir Klitschko in 2007, but went down in the fifth round on a crushing left hook from Solis in this one. Austin recovered somewhat, but in the tenth he was reeling again, being pummeled by the Cuban to the point that he was hanging on for dear life, forcing the referee to take a point from him for excessive holding. The two of them wound up nearly tumbling over the ropes at the end of the round, with the referee and folks at ringside -- including promoter Ahmet Oner -- preventing them from taking a spill out of the ring. Once things settled down, and well after the bell had rung, Austin punched Solis in the face, which resulted in a disqualification.
  • Tavoris Cloud UD-12 Fulgencio Zuniga: Cloud (22-0, 18 KO) not stopping longtime fringe contender Zuniga (24-5-1, 21 KO) might raise some suspicions about his power on paper, but he fought through a bloody gash for the last seven rounds and won on scores of 116-109, 117-108 and 118-108, retaining his IBF belt at 175 pounds. Cloud hasn't scored a stoppage in his last three fights, and none of the guys he stopped were particularly impressive scalps, so...yeah, he's probably not a big puncher, and that KO rate of his should continue to dip. But he's also a lot of fun to watch, and here's hoping next time out we see him back on TV. And that next time out isn't too far in the future.
  • Ricardo Mayorga TKO-9 Michael Walker: Walker (19-6-2, 12 KO) was once a solid guy to give rounds to up-and-coming foes, but this is his fifth straight loss, and third in a row by stoppage. He's 1-6-1 in his last eight and at 32, the "Midnight Stalker" from Chicago might be about out of gas. As for Mayorga (29-7-1, 23 KO), it's his first win since a majority decision over bloated Fernando Vargas in their late 2007 exhibition-brawl, and realistically Mayorga doesn't have a "good" win over a solid opponent since beating Michele Piccirillo in 2005, not that Piccirillo was any great shakes. Mayorga came in at a bit over 162 pounds for this one, the second-highest weight of his career (he was 164 on the scales against Vargas). If anyone thinks the 37-year-old Nicaraguan is actually going to become a regular fighter again, I've got the ol' bridge in the place to sell them.
  • Darrel Madison UD-10 Mike Marrone: Madison (16-1, 4 KO) gets the best win of his career, but he's 33 so don't go expecting a new heavyweight contender. Marrone (19-2, 14 KO) has now lost two of his last three, and the scores here weren't even sort of close: 100-90, 99-91 and 98-90.

Chicago, Illinois

  • Osumanu Adama UD-12 Angel Hernandez: You might remember Adama (18-2, 13 KO) for a very spirited and somewhat debated loss to Don George in April. In this one, he outpointed veteran Hernandez (30-9, 17 KO) for a vacant minor IBO trinket at 160, which yes, the IBO also has those "International" belts and stuff like that. Born in Mexico, Hernandez now lives in Chicago so this was his home turf. It's also his second straight loss, after being beaten by TKO-10 against Peter Manfredo Jr. in May, which was for the full IBO middleweight belt, and something Manfredo's PR team used to call Peter "middleweight champion."
  • David Estrada KO-5 Franklin Gonzalez: Estrada (25-6, 16 KO) has been around the block to say the least, and has moved up to 154, at least for this fight. I suspect if he got offered a decent shot at knocking off a young welterweight, he'd boil back down, but there aren't that many good young welterweights out there. Estrada against Brad Solomon might be useful, I guess. Every one of Estrada's losses are quality: Ishe Smith, Shane Mosley, Kermit Cintron, Andre Berto, Jesus Soto Karass and Luis Carlos Abregu. At 31, he might still have some value as a top-shelf gatekeeper.
  • Carl Davis UD-10 Arthur Williams: Every time he fights, I feel obligated to point out that yes, that is indeed "King" Arthur Williams (47-17-1, 30 KO), who is now 46 years old and well past the time in his career he was fighting the likes of Orlin Norris, Vassily Jiriov, Chris Byrd or O'Neil Bell. Davis is now 15-3 (11 KO).

Monroeville, Pennsylvania

  • Tyler Curtis has more on this card in a FanPost.
  • Ismayl Sillakh UD-10 Rayco Saunders: Sillakh (14-0, 12 KO) is one of the better light heavyweight prospects out there, but he's also got a massive ego, which may well be a bit humbled after not being able to get Saunders (20-13-2, 8 KO) out inside the distance. If nothing else, it's good that Sillakh got rounds in, because he wasn't getting many to date.
  • Jesse Lubash UD-8 Harrison Cuello: Cuello (20-14-3, 15 KO) is a pretty sturdy knockaround guy who beat Steve Forbes in March of this year, but Lubash stayed unbeaten (14-0, 8 KO) with the win.
  • Travis Kauffman DQ-4 Ross Thompson
  • Denis Douglin KO-1 Matt Berkshire

And the Rest!

  • (Hammond, IN) Steve Forbes KO-2 Roberto Valenzuela: Speaking of Forbes, this was his first fight since the upset loss to Cuello. "2 Pound" (35-8, 11 KO) is unlikely to ever contend again, but at least he beat Valenzuela (55-56-2, 45 KO), who fights constantly and beats the cab drivers and loses to anyone even sort of good. This year, Valenzuela went 4-8, losing to, among others, Forbes, Jose Luis Castillo, Zahir Raheem (twice!) and "Murder Man" Medina.
  • (San Diego, CA) Ronny Rios UD-8 Adolfo Landeros, Christopher Martin UD-8 Yogli Herrera