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Mandatory Eight Count - Hope for the Heavies

Eddie Chambers is taking training seriously so he won't let up against Wladimir Klitschko.  (Photo via <a href=""></a>)
Eddie Chambers is taking training seriously so he won't let up against Wladimir Klitschko. (Photo via

Chagaev-Meehan final eliminator set | Sydney Morning Herald

Kali Meehan's had about as hard of luck as any fighter lately.   The Australian construction worker beat DaVarryl Williamson over two years ago in what was supposedly a title eliminator.  He's been sitting on the WBA's #1 spot ever since, but he hasn't had the opportunity to challenge for a title as the organization has worked out all kinds of silliness with mandatories that other fighters didn't earn, champions in recess, interim champs and the like.  Since that fight, seven fights of his have been canceled, and Nicolai Valuev refused to face him as a late replacement when Chagaev failed a blood test in Finland.  Meehan will hopefully finally get his shot when he fights Ruslan Chagaev in Germany in a title eliminator. 

Hopkins still hoping for Haye next | The Daily Mirror

According to Steve Bunce, Bernard Hopkins is hoping for a matchup with David Haye, if both can win their upcoming matchups.  Color me skeptical.  Nicolai Valuev has the right to enforce a rematch clause with Haye, and I don't know if there's enough money in a Hopkins-Haye fight to get Valuev to go away.

Enter Eddie Chambers | 15 Rounds

A very well-written piece about a day in the camp of Eddie Chambers, who is preparing for the biggest fight of his life against Wladimir Klitschko.

Esther Phiri off to Miami for training | Post Zambia

For those who don't know her, Phiri may be Zambia's most popular athlete, period, a woman's boxing titlist in a country that doesn't have many athletes go on to have international success.  Mostly this is interesting because it highlights the conditions in Zambia.  Per Phiri, "It’s a good opportunity. They’ve good gyms. In our gym, we just have a punching bag and a tire, but the people we fight have got good gyms."  She's trying for a title in her third weight class in late May.

Bursting of the Bernard Dunne Bubble | The Independent

A look back at Ireland's relationship with Bernard Dunne, whose rise and fall were both fleeting. 

Zbik-Spada and Stieglitz-Gutknecht set | Universum Box Promotions

Sebastian Zbik will defend his completely bogus interim title in a rematch against Domenico Spada, who he narrowly beat for the strap.  Robert Stieglitz will defend his super middleweight title for the second time against Eddy Gutknecht, who in his last fight beat Karoly Balzsay (the man Stieglitz beat to earn his title).  Stieglitz and Zbik are two of the weaker titlists around, so while neither Spada nor Gutknecht is any great shakes, don't be too chocked to see an 'upset' in either fight. 

Alex Arthur raring to go | News of the World

The former super featherweight titlist says he lost his motivation for a while, but now it's back and he;s ready to get his career back on track.  Arthur lost his last time out to Nigel Wright, who had 2 wins in his previous 7 fights, 12 pounds over his normal weight.

Philippines looking for basketball players to box | Philstar

The Philippines amateur boxing association is looking to fill out it's roster and have a complete lineup of fighters; however, there aren't too many guys who can hack it at heavyweight over there.  In order to fill heavyweight spots, they're looking for professional basketball players who have been cut.  Move over Tye Fields....

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