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Clottey ready to attack against Pacquiao

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Joshua Clottey doesn't plan to run or hide when he gets into the ring at Cowboys Stadium against Manny Pacquiao on March 13.

"I plan to go right at him. There's no way he's chasing me around the ring," said Clottey from his Florida training camp. "I already know what he's all about. He's a great champion. This is a difficult fight. But I am going for the win right away, as soon as the bell rings."

He also believes Pacquiao is worried about facing him. "I know personally he talks about me all of the time and there is a lot of concern in his camp."

Clottey also says they have zero video footage of Pacquiao in camp. I don't know if that's just become the hip thing to say or what, because it seems like every time someone in a major fight is asked, at least one guy is watching no film of the other guy.

It really just struck me tonight that Pacquiao and Clottey are only about two weeks away from getting it on. To be perfectly honest, as big as Pacquiao is and as awesome as it is that they're fighting at Cowboys Stadium, and as totally credible as Clottey is, this really doesn't feel like a "mega fight." There's really not a ton of buzz about this one, and at least part of that has to be the fact that the Mosley-Mayweather fight is, for most people, so much more interesting.

Then again, maybe this'll pick up huge steam in the final week, the way Mayweather-Marquez did. If Jerry Jones and Bob Arum can get this fight featured on SportsCenter for a week or so before that Saturday night, everything should turn out great.

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