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Guadalajara Controversy: Nino doesn't knock out Mayol, referee ruins Estrada-Rivero

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The Mexico portion of tonight's "Double Assault" PPV was messy and flat-out weird, as two fights ended in controversy from Guadalajara.

In the main event, Omar Nino appeared to knock out Rodel Mayol to win the WBC junior flyweight title, but the fight was declared a technical draw after Mayol left the building on a stretcher. The finish came in the third round, when Nino landed a low blow on Mayol. With referee Vic Drakulich coming behind Nino to break the fighters up to give Mayol time to recover, Nino landed a monster left hook that knocked Mayol out cold.

It was an unfortunate ending, and a rematch will surely be ordered. But given that it happened, they made the right call. Good for Drakulich and the WBC officials at ringside getting it right.

That wasn't the worst thing to happen in Guadalajara. In an absolutely thrilling lightweight war between Daniel Estrada and Angel Alirio Rivero, referee Roberto Ramirez stopped the bout in the 10th and final round when it made absolutely no sense to do so.

First off: For those that enjoyed the Escalante-Roman fight last night, find this fight. You're going to love it. Underdog Rivero fought his heart out, getting wobbled roughly 264 times and coming back throwing insane punches every single time.

I had it 85-85 through nine rounds, and then Rivero was hit, started throwing back, and Ramirez stopped it. It was disgusting. It was an absolutely horrible stoppage that deserves every ounce of criticism it gets. It was obscene.

Overall, tonight was money well spent. The show was entertaining throughout and a better PPV than most PPV shows. But the fights in Mexico undoubtedly leave a poor taste in the mouths of those that watched the fight.

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