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Video: Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey-Zab Judah

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As Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey make their final preparations for Saturday's fight, HBO Boxing is looking back at two past fights featuring the combatants who will main event at Cowboys Stadium.

First up, Joshua Clottey's August 2008 win over Zab Judah. Judah is the only fighter on Clottey's resume who even remotely compares to Pacquiao -- a fast, darting southpaw, but one who didn't have the power to hurt Clottey, and who also couldn't break down his defense for any sustained amount of time. Watching the fight again, it's easy to say that had Clottey been more active, Judah might well not have won any rounds at all. When they both throw, Clottey imposed his will for the most part.

Here's the full fight, courtesy HBO:

That stands to this day as the biggest win for Clottey, though I wouldn't say it was his best performance.

Also featured is Manny Pacquiao's ferocious breaking down of Miguel Cotto from last November, the biggest fight of 2009 and one that made Pacquiao a five-weight titleholder. I've watched this fight about 25 times by now, and every time I'm taken aback at just how quickly Pacquiao's dynamic offense turns this fight completely in his favor. I had Cotto winning the first, and had him en route to round wins in the third and fourth before Pacquiao floored him in both rounds. Cotto was really good on this night, at least early, and Pacquiao just beat him down. He couldn't keep up with Manny's pace.

On that November night, Cotto stood as the most imposing challenge of Pacquiao's career, and Pacquiao left him in the dust. Clottey is thicker and physically stronger than Cotto, and he has a tendency to lay back more. He's also a much better defensive boxer and I wager that he's got better punch resistance, too.

These two fights probably do offer the best insight for the Pacquiao-Clottey matchup. For HBO subscribers who don't want to watch on computer monitors, HBO On Demand does have both fights up right now in HD.