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Enzo Calzaghe to retire as active trainer

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It's not the big U.K. boxing retirement that seemed imminent a couple of days ago, but it's notable. The BBC reports this morning that Enzo Calzaghe, the 60-year-old father and former trainer of Joe Calzaghe, is expected to announce his retirement as an active trainer.

Calzaghe's star pupil was, of course, his son, who retired in early 2009 with a 46-0 (32 KO) record, going down as the all-time greatest super middleweight in that division's short history, and having won the legitimate world championships at that weight and light heavyweight. Enzo won the 2007 Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year award.

He also trained Gavin Rees, Bradley Pryce, Gary Lockett, and others. Rees and Pryce are now working with Lockett, who has turned to the training game.

Even more than Joe the fighter, Enzo the trainer's legacy will surely be questioned. His son was a tremendous talent, and they were highly successful together, but other than that and Gavin Rees' fluky capturing of a 140-pound title, Enzo's pupils never got past domestic level.

One thing I'll definitely remember is that he came off in every corner he was in as a fiercely competitive man who absolutely expected the very best of every fighter he trained. He was fiery and generally good for a blue language highlight or two during a fight.

Happy trails, Enzo, and enjoy your retirement.