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Weights from Arlington: Pacquiao 145 3/4, Clottey 147

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Manny Pacquiao came in at a career-high weigh-in of 145 3/4 pounds and Joshua Clottey at the 147-pound limit for tomorrow night's WBA welterweight title fight in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium.

Pacquiao, it must be said, did not look as ripped or cut as he did before his November fight with Miguel Cotto, or really before any of his recent fights. That may mean nothing at all, which is likely, but it could be worth something. We'll find out tomorrow. Clottey looked like he always does, in fantastic shape.

First up on the scales were lightweights Humberto Soto and David Diaz, who will be in the main co-feature tomorrow night. Diaz came in at 134, followed by Soto at 134 1/4. They meet for the vacant WBC lightweight title, which Diaz held before losing it to Pacquiao in 2008.

The PPV opener will be Jose Luis Castillo and Alfonso Gomez in welterweight action. Castillo came in at 144, Gomez at 145. Castillo being three pounds under a weight limit is craziness. John Duddy and Michael "Murder Man" Medina made weight for their middleweight bout.

For those who haven't seen the building setup yet, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated Tweeted this photo earlier.

Some notes:

  • Robert Duvall was there!
  • Darren Woodson was a co-host! He was all like, "Where my Cowboy fans at?! Where are my Joshua Clottey fans at?! How 'bout Manny Pacquiao?" Predictably, Clottey's reaction was a distant third. Then Woodson's bit was cut way short.
  • Bob Arum all but guaranteed 1 million U.S. PPV buys.