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Marco Huck takes out Swamp Donkey in three

Marco Huck scored a third round knockout over Adam Richards.
Marco Huck scored a third round knockout over Adam Richards.

In Max Schmeling Halle, Marco "Kapt'n" Huck overcame a somewhat slow start to outclass and knock out action fighter Adam "Swamp Donkey" Richards.  Huck scored the technical knockout in the third round.

In the first round, Huck started very slowly, while Richards lumbered forward, throwing punches in bunches.  Huck mostly blocked the shots and was feeling things out, but when he threw, the difference in class was apparent.  In the second round, Huck opened up a bit more, and when the two started trading punches, Huck came out with the better of the exchanges. 

Finally, in the third round, Huck really began to open up, catching Richards with a number of counters, and pouncing all over him once he was hurt.  In a flurry of punches, he send Richards to the canvas for the second time in the round, who took the referee with him.  The referee then waved off the fight, with Huck becoming the victor. 

Huck will likely be facing Denis Lebedev in his next fight.  Russian Lebedev earned the spot by winning four straight over decent competition, including Enzo Maccaranelli and Eliseo Castillo.