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John Duddy beats Michael Medina by split decision

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"Irish" John Duddy outpointed Michael Medina in a split decision to open the Pacquiao-Clottey pay-per-view. Official scores were 96-93 across the board, two cards for Duddy and one for Medina. Bad Left Hook scored it 96-93 for Duddy.

The fight was fairly close, but I thought clearly in Duddy's favor. Medina did lose a point for repeated blows, but it didn't really wind up making a difference.

Duddy (29-1, 18 KO) didn't look any better than usual, but was obviously more polished than Medina (23-2-2, 18 KO), who gave a spirited effort but was just a hair out of his class.

And frankly, the fact that Duddy was only barely out of Medina's class isn't a compliment for either. To stop being relentlessly negative (for which I apologize), the fight was perfectly watchable, and the building setup is phenomenal.

Our live coverage continues for the undercard two posts down.