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Jose Luis Castillo quits after five, Alfonso Gomez wins

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Alfonso Gomez dominated five rounds of rather dull action in the second fight of the televised Pacquiao-Clottey undercard, and then the 36-year-old Castillo quit between rounds, giving Gomez an easy win.

Gomez (22-4-2, 11 KO) pretty much doubled up the output of Castillo (60-10-1, 52 KO) over the fight. Castillo had nothing on his punches and no speed in there. He was out of options, and this looks like it could lead to his retirement. If he has to fight at welterweight and does this poorly against the likes of Gomez, he needs to. Quitting after five against Gomez is in no way any good. Period.

This doesn't really lift Gomez to a higher level he was on, but it's a decent W, and it may mean he's retired two action legends, which is more a footnote than anything.

Here's hoping Castillo is in a position to hang up the gloves, because this was really not a good performance in any way, shape or form. He looked even worse here than he did against Sebastian Lujan, and that's saying a lot.

Our live coverage for the undercard continues threeposts down, and after Soto-Diaz, we go to the main event.