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Humberto Soto decisions David Diaz for WBC lightweight title

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Humberto Soto knocked down David Diaz in the first and twelfth rounds of a fairly close bout in the main co-feature of the night, winning a unanimous decision to win the WBC lightweight title.

Soto won on scores of 115-111, 117-109 and 117-109. Bad Left Hook scored it 115-111 for Soto.

Soto (51-7-2, 32 KO) managed to get past the physical strength and pressure of the limited Diaz (35-3-1, 17 KO). Diaz did his best to neutralize Soto's offense and was fairly successful, but Soto was just a more dynamic fighter.

It wasn't much of a performance from Soto, but he did win legitimately. Diaz remains as he was before the night, a gatekeeper more than a real contender, and a bit of a weird story in recent boxing history. It's still odd that he was a major titlist.

Our live coverage continues three posts down for the main event.

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