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Mandatory Eight Count: Pacquiao-Clottey Hangover Edition

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Jim Lampley 'Bang Bang Bang' a Bizarre Blow-by-Blow (FanHouse)
This is one of those internet buzz things that's never going to go away. This is probably going to become a meme. I didn't want to make, like, a feature commentary out of it or anything, but let me throw in my additional two cents to the Jim Lampley Sounded Like An Idiot Fund. BANG. BANG BANG! BANG! BANG! Just horrible.


Manny Pacquiao - Too Good for Joshua Clottey (The Boxing Bulletin)
Our friend Andrew Fruman from our sister site The Boxing Bulletin analyzes Pacquiao's easy victory.

No sense in ducking Pacquiao-Mayweather (Yahoo! Sports)
Dan Wetzel offers this thought: "Boxing put on a heck of a show Saturday, with almost 51,000 fans making Cowboys Stadium an electric environment. It just didn’t stage much of a fight."

What we learned from Pacquiao-Clottey (Sports Illustrated)
Bryan Armen Graham has five things learned from the Pacquiao-Clottey fight, leading off with the prevailing thought about last night's challenger: Joshua Clottey did not come to win.

Pacquiao pounds Clottey, calls out Mayweather (Yahoo! Sports)
Pacquiao had some interesting post-fight comments about Floyd Mayweather Jr., including saying his style "isn't difficult" (a comment that led Max Kellerman to ridiculously request Manny show him, right then, how he would fight Mayweather). I'm a bit sick of talking about Pacquiao-Mayweather until it actually gets signed, but hey, it happened.

Manny Pacquiao proves his worth against Joshua Clottey (ESPN)
Like others, Clottey says it's Pacquiao's speed that killed: "I didn't feel Manny's power. It's just that his speed was too much for me." Clottey's replacement trainer, Lenny DeJesus, offered this: "We clearly got beat. i don't think we won a round."

Arroyo lauds Pacquiao's patriotism, perseverance (GMA News)
I hear this guy Pacquiao is some sort of big wheel in the Philippines.