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Pacquiao-Clottey: Ted the Bull's Prediction/Outcome Analysis

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Back again with another feature is Ted "The Bull" Sares, who looks back at his prediction for last night's Pacquiao-Clottey fight, and examines how it turned out in the end.

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Prediction (03/07/2010)

I see "Pac Man" beating the "Grand Master" in a medium-paced fight in which Manny will exploit Clottey's weakness beginning in the mid rounds (but I don't see it happening the other way around). This exploitation will be enhanced by Pacquio's incredibly fast in-and-out movement accompanied by just about every punch in the manual-- and each thrown with malice aforethought-as he befuddles the Ghanaian and slows down his already slow stalk.

However, despite his superb performances against Cotto, Hatton and De La Hoya, I don't see him winning within the distance. Clottey is just too strong in my view. After a competitive start - maybe the first five rounds -- I see Manny reaching cruising speed and begin to dominate, In the end, Clottey's trademark pressure and counter-punching will not be able to overcome Pacquiao's foot speed and quick-handed, sharp-punching attacks. Speed will be the decisive factor here and speed is what Manny Pacquiao is all about

I envision Pacquiao outworking Clottey and building an early lead, although possibly without landing a whole lot of hard, clean punches through Clottey's excellent guard. I'm going with Pacquiao by solid UD.


Except for the absence of counterpunching by Clottey, the fight turned out pretty close to the prediction. Clottey's inability to pull the trigger once again cost him dearly, except this time, when he did pull it, he paid a price. Manny also exploited Clottey's weaknesses earlier than I anticipated -- by the third round to be exact.

Clottey's corner also proved less than compelling and instead of giving him some tactical advice, it simply repeated the obvious. Namely, that he was behind and had better start throwing some punches.

In sum, Clottey clearly lacked the Eye of the Tiger; Manny did not, and won this one with his blinding speed and and quick-handed, sharp-punching, punishing attacks.

We are fortunate to witness this marvelous fighting machine. Indeed, those of you who are young enough will be discussing him with your grandchildren in years to come.