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Darchinyan-Donaire Rematch Almost Final

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Vic Darchinyan will be preparing to rematch Nonito Donaire in August.  via <a href=""></a>
Vic Darchinyan will be preparing to rematch Nonito Donaire in August. via

According to Dan Rafael, a rematch between Nonito Donaire and Vic Darchinyan is close to being finalized.  The bout would likely take place on Showtime in August.

This one has been a long time coming.  When the original fight took place, both Donaire and Darchinyan were on Gary Shaw's roster.  Shortly after Nonito's stunning upset, he left Gary Shaw for Top Rank, where his career appears to have been stagnating.  Shaw initially made a vow that Donaire would never get another match against a Gary Shaw fighter, but with Darchinyan's options dwindling, and with Darchinyan himself screaming at every opportunity that he wants the rematch, Shaw's hand has been forced and the fight will be made.

Despite less than overwhelming opposition since fighting Darchinyan (Luis Maldonado, Moruti Mthlane, Raul Martinez, Rafael Concepcion and Manuel Vargas), Donaire's stock remains high.  He's rated the #6 pound for pound fighter in the world by Ring Magazine.  In addition, since their first fight, Darchinyan made a brief appearance in the Ring Magazine pound for pound list, after beating Dmitry Kirilov, Cristian Mijares and Jorge Arce to unify three of the 115 pound belts. 

If the match does occur, it presents many of the same stylistic issues that were present when the two first fought.  While both of them are much higher profile now, each of them is essentially the same fighter he was a few years ago.  Darchinyan is still a huge puncher who telegraphs his shots and who can be countered, but who can turn a fight around with one left hand.  Donaire is still a quick fighter who can dart in and out and take advantage of those flaws by counterpunching.  Either way, it's one of the best fights that can be made south of bantamweight, and kudos to the promoters for getting together and finally making the bout.