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Frank Warren wins Katsidis-Mitchell bid

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As was expected, Frank Warren won today's purse bid for a 135-pound showdown between his fighter, Kevin Mitchell, and Australian Michael Katsidis. The fight is now figured to land in England, according to BoxingScene.

Rick Reeno says that Warren won the fight with a bid of $515,000, followed by Sampson Boxing at $501,000. The date and venue are up in the air, but London has been discussed. Because he's the titleholder and going to Mitchell's turf, Katsidis will get an 80-20 split for the bout.

The money should be solid with the fight in England. Sky Sports will be all over this one, and it might even land on pay-per-view. Katsidis and Mitchell have exciting styles, and I haven't seen anyone dislike this fight yet. The open question about the bout is whether Mitchell has the power to deal with Katsidis, who may not have the one-punch power that Mitchell successfully neutralized against Breidis Prescott, but is a much better overall fighter and a physical guy who doesn't back up.

I really like this fight. It'll tell us something meaningful about Mitchell, and I'm interested in finding out the meaningful stuff about Mitchell, such as whether or not he's got a real future past the domestic or European range.