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Bad Left Hook Live Boxing Results and Commentary: Wladimir Klitschko v. Eddie Chambers

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In the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, you can order this fight for $14.95 at The card begins at 4pm EDT.

Main Event
Record: 53-3 (47 KO) Record: 35-1 (18 KO)
Age: 33 Age: 27
Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 6'6 1/2" Height: 6'1"
81" Reach: 75"
Ranks/Titles: Ring Magazine World Champion, IBF, WBO, Bad Left Hook #1, ESPN #1, BoxRec #1 Ranks/Titles: Bad Left Hook #3, Ring #3 Contender, ESPN #4, BoxRec #8
TV: - 4:00pm ET Venue:
ESPIRIT Arena - Düsseldorf, Germany