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Kelly Pavlik being considered for Cowboys Stadium

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Joe Scalzo of the Youngstown Vindicator reports that should middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik get by Sergio Martinez on April 17, there is talk within Top Rank that Pavlik could headline their next effort at Cowboys Stadium, which could come later in the year.

"Jerry was very impressed when he met Kelly, and he told me he’s looking forward to Kelly fighting a main event in Cowboys Stadium," said Arum. "When I mentioned it to Kelly, his eyes opened wide."

Of course, this could simply be like telling a friend's friend that you should all DEFINITELY go out sometime soon, and you know you're really not going to do it, because your friend's friend is OK and all, but not really the kind of guy you hang out with. He's always wearing Affliction shirts and insisting to you that Miller Lite really is a great beer. He's a nice guy, but you just sort of get uneasy around him when 1am or so rolls around and he starts getting way too into the idea of getting laid that night.

(I'm not trying to describe Kelly Pavlik here, though he does have his own an Affliction shirt.)

Or maybe they're looking at a possible huge fight for Pavlik, which it would need to be. Kelly is not Manny Pacquiao or even close to it. And there's nobody at 160 or who could come up from 154 who would really be much bigger a B-side than Joshua Clottey was, even Paul Williams, which is a fight basically everyone wants to see.

They wouldn't be looking for a 50,000 draw, either. Here's what Arum had to say:

"Kelly, on his own, couldn’t do 40,000 in Cowboys Stadium," Arum said. "But north Texas has a huge Hispanic population.

"With a strong Hispanic fighter, he could do 40,000."

He means on the undercard, of course, but Top Rank doesn't really have a major Mexican star in their ranks. There's JCC Jr., but I think the shine is coming off a bit there, and 40,000 is a lot of people, with tickets that are not as inexpensive as they are in Mexico.

Arum names Lucian Bute, Winky Wright and Paul Williams as possible opponents.