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IBO puts together Manfredo-Hernandez, Budler-Rubillar rematch

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The IBO sent out a press release detailing a couple of now-planned fights for their trinkets, which I know aren't much respected, but fights are fights, and there are a couple of interesting notes here.

For the IBO middleweight title, Peter Manfredo Jr. will face Angel Hernandez. Manfredo (34-6, 18 KO) and Hernandez (30-7, 17 KO) have both been around the block some. Way back, Hernandez lost fights to Winky Wright, Kassim Ouma, Raymond Joval, Rhoshii Wells, and others, and he lost in 2008 to Vanes Martirosyan. Since losing to Martirosyan, he's beaten James McGirt Jr. (who the IBO calls a "second-generation slugger," which isn't the biggest laugh here) and the scarily shot Antwun Echols.

Here's what the IBO release says about Manfredo. Pay close attention to the last line:

He was beaten in a challenge for the vacant IBO title at 168 pounds in November 2008, but has since won three straight fights at Middleweight – including stoppages of Walid Smichet and Ronald Weaver in 2009, along with a unanimous decision over once-beaten prospect Matt Vanda on Jan. 29.

"Once-beaten prospect Matt Vanda"? Vanda is 31 years old and came into that fight with nine losses. Manfredo was his tenth loss. There is a pretty big difference there. Vanda is a professional opponent and nothing more. He's got some guts and he's tough (only stopped once), but "once-beaten prospect" is about as far from the truth as it gets with Vanda. He's a journeyman who loses to just about everyone decent that he fights.

Manfredo and Hernandez fight on May 22 at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

More importantly, really, Juanito Rubillar will get to rematch Hekkie Budler. Budler won a very controversial decision in South Africa against Rubillar recently, which was called a flat robbery by those who saw it. They'll meet on July 19 in -- you guessed it, since this makes the most sense -- South Africa.