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Valero Arrested for Domestic Violence...Again

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El Nacional (link in Spanish) is reporting that lightweight titlist Edwin Valero has once again been arrested for domestic violence.   This isn't the first time that there have been allegations of domestic violence against "El Inca".  In September, he was arrested for allegedly striking his mother and his sister.  The charges were subsequently dropped.

According to reports, Valero's wife was hospitalized with numerous injuries, including a collapsed lung.  Valero was arrested on the charges upon coming to the hospital to visit her. 

This is one of a number of legal problems for Valero.  He reportedly has a DUI charge levied against him in Texas, which has prevented him from fighting in one of the few American states where he can get licensed.  In addition, in mid-2009, he was detained for carrying an illegal firearm

This can only make Valero's situation worse.  Even if he gets the DUI sorted out, having a public history of violent behavior usually gives the goverment good reason to deny a visa.  In addition, if he is convicted, then there is a chance he would not be able to reenter the country at all. 

While Valero currently has no fights scheduled, it is rumored that he will be moving to junior welterweight, and that Top Rank was planning on having him fight Lamont Peterson.  This news probably puts those plans on hold for now.