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Mandatory Eight Count - King Arthur's Court

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Dirrell trying to add to Detroit's boxing history | Detroit News

Andre Dirrell hopes that a victory over Arthur Abraham can help bring Detroit boxing back to its glory days.  Since it's pretty much the only major gym left there, both Dirrell and Abraham have been training at Kronk for the lead in to the fight. 

Dirrell aims to take away Abraham's unbeaten record | Sky Sports

Both Dirrell and Abraham seem confident, if not cocky, about his chances of beating the other.  Dirrell says he's fought lots of guys like Abraham and doesn't see him posing any problems.  When he says "fighters like Abraham", I hope he doesn't mean Curtis Stevens.  Abraham, on the other hand, says he's used to fighting in front of these huge crowds, and sees this as just another step in becoming a star in the US. 

Abraham gets to know Detroit | Detroit Free Press

Maybe this is just playing to the media, but Abraham says he's a Michigan football fan, and that "if there are Michigan State fans at my bout, would they please remember, I fight Andre, not them."  In other Free Press articles, Abraham has stated that he has a gameplan involving pressure for neutralizing Dirrell's speed, but that we won't know what it is until we see the fight.

WBC Orders Solis-Austin Eliminator | Fight News

Odlanier Solis has gotten one step closer to his title shot.  The WBC has ordered a title eliminator between Solis and Ray Austin.  I'm not sure why the sanctioning bodies have been subjecting the heavyweights to multiple mandatories lately, but Austin already won a supposed eliminator over DaVarryl Williamson.  Elsewhere, the IBF has an eliminator between Ruslan Chagaev and Kali Meehan, despite Meehan winning an eliminator (also over Williamson) over two years ago. 

Soto - Peterson off for now | ESPN

According to Dan Rafael's Notebook, Humberto Soto will not face Anthony Peterson on the Cotto-Foreman undercard.  This is probably good news for Soto - Peterson would seem to be a nightmare style matchup for him. 

Pavlik Fighting at Cowboys Stadium Seems Unlikely | Cleveland Boxing Examiner

Bad Left Hook poster Charles Indriolo gives his take on why Bob Arum and Jerry Jones are probably full of hot air about a Kelly Pavlik fight at Cowboys Stadium.  The only opponent that might be able to draw a decent enough crowd is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and I don't think anyone wants to see that bludgeoning.

Anthony Small Comes Bearing Gifts, but not for El Maachi | Team Hatton

In a somewhat amusing moment at the weigh-in for this evening's card on Sky Sports, Anthony Small brought a bag full of a number of gifts for his opponent Sam Webb, including roses for his mother and chocolates for his wife as a consolation for what Small would do to him.  Another big talker, Yassine El Maachi, stepped in to accept the gifts and called Small out, and the two got into a jawing match for a few minutes.  If only Small's showmanship actually carried into the ring. 

Bowe-Lewis at Camden Yards? | WBAL

I can't give this one too much credence, but Riddick Bowe says he's in talks with Lennox Lewis for a fight at Camden Yards in Baltimore.  Considering this hasn't been reported anywhere else, I suspect it's probably a figment of someone's imagination, or at most some preliminary talks about an exhibition bout.  Lewis has repeatedly said he's happily retired, other than the occasional joke.  Note to the Maryland Athletic Commission: dementia is a good reason to deny someone a license.