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Bad Left Hook Live Boxing Results and Commentary: Matthew Hatton v. Gianluca Branco

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Matthew Hatton gets an unexpected and arguably undeserved shot at the vacant European welterweight title today at 6pm EDT, when he faces 39-year-old Italian Gianluca Branco. Also on this card, Anthony Small defends his British and Commonwealth 154-pound titles against Sam Webb, and if Small fights like he usually does, the live thread should at least be entertaining. Join us!

Main Event
Record: 38-4-2 (15 KO) Record: 43-2-1 (22 KO)
Age: 28 Age: 39
Hometown: Manchester, England Hometown: Civitavecchia, Italy
Height: 5'8 1/2" Height: 5'6"
Ranks/Titles: BoxRec #37 Ranks/Titles: BoxRec #31
TV: Sky Sports - 6:00pm EDT Venue:
Goresbrook Leisure Centre - Dagenham, England