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Gabriel Campillo's rematch request rejected by WBA

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In a piece of disappointing but hardly unexpected news, the WBA has rejected former light heavyweight titlist Gabriel Campillo's request for a rematch of his highly controversial decision loss to Beibut Shuemnov in January. Campillo outpointed Shumenov the first time they met, which was in 2009, and following what many felt was a robbery loss, probably felt he was as entitled to a rematch as Shumenov had been.

But, in the words of Apollo Creed, ain't gonna be no rematch.

It's a shame, because I figure now Shumenov holds his belt captive for a while before ever taking a real challenge. The WBA has proven to be pretty lenient about iffy title reigns, as proven by long-standing middleweight titleholder Felix Sturm. Shumenov can hide out for a while and take easy fights, building up his bank account. I think Shumenov has real talent, but I also think Zsolt Erdei and Felix Sturm are/were very good boxers, and that didn't stop them from going the easiest route possible over and over.

As for Campillo, he's now in no man's land. He's too crafty and too risky for just about anyone credible at 175 to want to fight him, because he also isn't worth any money. A deserved third fight with Shumenov was about the biggest thing he was going to get. Now, unless something truly shocks me, I don't see him fighting anyone notable in the division any time soon. He's too good for his own good.