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Andre Dirrell out of the hospital, brain scans negative

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Andre Dirrell is out of the hospital. (Photo from <a href="!/pages/Showtime-Boxing/83612869962" target="new">Showtime Boxing @ Facebook</a>)
Andre Dirrell is out of the hospital. (Photo from Showtime Boxing @ Facebook)

Rick Reeno of reports that for the most part, Andre Dirrell appears OK after a hospital visit resulting from last night's DQ win over Arthur Abraham in Detroit:

"Andre was just released from the hospital. He tested negative in the brain scans. We did the urine tests. The commission was there," [promoter Gary] Shaw told

Dirrell was knocked out when Abraham landed a roundhouse right as Dirrell was prone on the canvas after slipping on a mat logo in the 11th round. He won the fight by disqualification.

It's good news that he's negative on the brain scans, which means he's probably not in quite the awful shape some feared. What I mean is, I'm guessing his boxing career is no longer in doubt, and I don't think his injuries are quite as serious as plenty of things you'll see caused by legal action in the ring. This is a pretty standard in-and-out time with the hospital that boxers go through after their fights, and with the brain scans being negative, he's quite probably out of the woods on the worst.

He's going to be OK, and he'll make his next fight with Andre Ward later this year (or early next year, the way this tournament is unraveling and with Ward not fighting Allan Green until June 19).