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Valero sent to rehab

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Maybe this isn't Edwin Valero's most recent mug shot, but it's <em>an </em>Edwin Valero mug shot, so good enough.
Maybe this isn't Edwin Valero's most recent mug shot, but it's an Edwin Valero mug shot, so good enough.

According to Lider en Deportes (link in Spanish), this morning in Venezuela, two-weight titlist Edwin Valero was sent to a psychiatric hospital to deal with with alcoholism and depression.  His stint in the hospital could last for up to six months, although the court said he could be released once he is better.

Initially, he had been arrested on four charges, the most serious of which was domestic violence against his wife.  Ths entire situation arose when Valero went to visit his wife in the hospital, where she was suffering from a collapsed lung, as well as bruises and bites.  Valero's wife says she fell down the stairs, and that the bite marks came from a previous attempted robbery, and thus she did not press charges against Valero. 

The other three allegations against Valero continue to stand, however, including making threats to a doctor and a nurse in the hospital, as well as resisting arrest.  The court found that Valero has a serious problem with drugs and alcohol, and thus sent Valero to a medical facility for rehabilitation in the interim.  In addition, he was ordered to attend therapy with his wife. 

The police will continue to investigate the remaining allegations, and may formally arrest Valero while he is in the hospital. Valero's lawyer states that this shouldn't be a problem, and that Valero will be allowed to leave the country while the matters are under investigation.