Tua beats Friday on Wednesday.... report that David Tua won a wide points decision in New Zealand today.

It's not exactly a massively relevant or meaningful fight, but it's good to see Tua is getting active again and getting rounds in the ring.

I take no credit for any of the following, just bringing it to your attention.

Friday Ahunanya thinks the decision was a robbery.....

Tua, predictably, disagrees....

Tua/Ahunanya slideshow.

According to Boxrec, Tua weighed in at just over 239lbs, while Ahunanya was around 10lbs lighter. It's nice to see Tua still holding his weight under 240lbs, but I'd ideally like to see him down at about 225.

Official scores:
120-108, 117-111, 119-109
David Tua by Unanimous Decision.

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