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Chad Dawson-Jean Pascal good to go for August 14

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Jean Pascal gets his shot at Chad Dawson on August 14 in Montreal. (Photo via <a href="" target="new">Daily Telegraph</a>)
Jean Pascal gets his shot at Chad Dawson on August 14 in Montreal. (Photo via Daily Telegraph)

The Ring reports that Jean Pascal will get his shot at Chad Dawson and have home field advantage in Montreal, with HBO televising the fight on August 14. Previous dates in discussion were June 19, July 17 and July 24. The August date was confirmed by Dawson's promoter, Gary Shaw.

Pascal and Dawson, both 27, come in riding different waves. Both are hot right now, but Dawson's domination of Glen Johnson looked even better once Johnson got back into the ring in early February and took Yusaf Mack apart. Pascal, meanwhile, will be coming off of shoulder surgery, one of the reasons the fight kept getting pushed back. He battled through the injury to defeat Adrian Diaconu for the second time in December.

Shaw putting Dawson into the fire against one of the division's best in Montreal shows some real guts as a promoter. Dawson simply has not drawn anywhere, even in his own backyard in Connecticut, where he drew a soft house against Glen Johnson in their November rematch. Dawson's safe performance was also booed by his home-state fans.

Pascal, born in Haiti, is based out of Montreal and has become one of the city's most popular fighters, along with Romanian-born Lucian Bute.

Pascal's WBC belt will be on the line. Dawson won the body's interim title in the Johnson rematch, but has shown zero attachment to title belts in the past, giving up the WBC and IBF titles out of the ring to chase bigger fights. HBO will televise.