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Celestino Caballero to face Daud Yordan

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On April 10, on the Berto-Quintana undercard, Celestino Caballero will be facing Daud Yordan for an interim featherweight title.  While pen has not been put to paper quite yet, the fight appears to be all but official, with both Pelenchin and Yordan already discussing the fight with the press.  The bout will be televised on HBO, taking the place of the postponed bout between Tavoris Cloud and Glen Johnson.

The fight could be interesting on several fronts.  Despite being a freakish 5'11", this will be Caballero's first fight against a decent opponent north of 122 pounds.  While he'll still have quite a reach advantage over the 5'7" Yordan, it should be interesting to see how he's able to adjust to the weight, especially considering that Caballero has never had problems making 122.  Rather than needing to move up, Caballero appears to be chasing the money, as none of the name fighters faced him when 122 was a stacked division, and now the bigger money is available at 126.  If Caballero wins, expect him to keep calling out Juan Manuel Lopez, and expect Lopez's team to keep ignoring him.

In addition, in Yordan's only prior U.S. televised appearance, he was making a good showing against Robert Guerrero, who seemed to opt out of the fight with his tougher than expected opponent after a clash of heads caused a cut.  We'll see whether Yordan was just a flash in the pan, but this is a very tough test for only his second U.S. fight. 

One thing this does highlight is the WBA's absurd policy of issuing up to three belts in each weight class.  The true titlist is Chris John.  The WBA then gave an interim belt to Yuriorkis Gamboa.  After John made his tenth defense against Rocky Juarez, the WBA promoted him to "super champion", making Gamboa the regular titlist.  The winner of this bout would be an interim titlist, despite there being two other titlists who are not only healthy but are actually making fights.  And even I don't know who's going to need to defend against whom.  The only benefit is that there really isn't a bad fight to be made between John, Gamboa and the Caballero-Yordan winner.