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Honorio defeats Hilario and other Friday results

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Martin Honorio scored a dominant victory on tonight's Friday Night Fights.
Martin Honorio scored a dominant victory on tonight's Friday Night Fights.
  • On tonight's Friday Night Fights, Martin Honorio pulled a dominant decision victory over previously undefeated Wilton Hilario.  Official scores were 120-106, 119-107 and 119-107.  Honorio basically doubled Hilario's output for the fight, and has become an unstoppable forward-moving bulldog in the ring, a la Alfredo Angulo.  He holds a good win over Steven Luevano, but the last time Honorio stepped up, he was knocked out in under a minute by Robert Guerrero. It might be time to step things back up for Honorio and see if he's ready for another title shot.
  • In Yorkshire, Gary Sykes won a relatively narrow decision over Andy Morris to take the vacant British super featherweight crown.  With the victory, Sykes moves to 15-0.  On the undercard, Tyson Fury scored a first round knockout in his first bout in six months. 
  • On the undercard Honorio-Hilario, Rico Ramos, Mike Dallas Jr. and John Molina all scored quick and easy knockout victories.  Molina is coming off a loss to Honorio, while Ramos and Dallas are two of the prized prospects in the Goosen Tutor stable.
  • Another possible prized prospect in that stable is Sergey Karpenko.  Or at least could have been.  Earlier in the week, the promoter raised a ruckus about their signing of this prospect, who was a three-time Ukrainian national champion at heavyweight.  On the first bout of the card, Karpenko lost his pro debut to a guy who was 3-6-5, six feet tall, and weighed nearly 300 pounds.  Hopefully they didn't give the kid a big signing bonus.
  • Undefeated welterweight and former Euro titlist Daniele Petrucci beat no-name junior lightweight Ronny McField to win a vacant IBF intercontinental trinket.  This puts Petrucci in the line for the IBF welterweight title.  The IBF seems to be doing their best to keep that belt away from anyone who's a legitimate top fighter in the division.  So there are about 7 or 8 really good welterweight boxers, right?  Well, the IBF champ is Jan Zaveck, his mandatory is Rafal Jackiewicz, and his next fight is against Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez.  The other contenders?   Selcuk Aydin, Isaac Hlathswayo, Delvin Rodriguez, Randall Bailey, Carlos Abregu, Luis Collazo, Alfonso Gomez, Mike Jones, Jesus Soto Karass, Said Ouali, Sebastian Lujan and now Daniele Petrucci.  At this rate, the belt won't end up in the hands of a top 5 fighter for the next half decade.