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Mandatory Eight Count - In the weeds

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Tommy Morrison arrested for possession | Kansas City Star

Former heavyweight titlist Tommy Morrison was arrested for possession of marijuana outside a gym in Witchita.  According to Morrison, the arrest is not what it seems.  He says he was doing his normal pre-workout routine, reading his bible and meditating, when someone called the cops.  When the cops searched his car, they found an old pipe that "had some residue in it or something."  Sure, Tommy.  At least he didn't pull the medical marijuana angle. 

Arena Box wins Collazo - Aydin Purse Bid | Fight News

For no apparent reason, the WBC has decided to make an interim belt.  Luis Collazo and Selcuk Aydin are supposed to fight for it.  Aydin's promoter, Arena Box, won the bid for just over $200 thousand.  We'll see if Collazo even accepts the bid.  He has a history of turning down bids because he thinks he's worth more than he is.  While he's a solid B-side, he should really take this fight, because Aydin is the type of fighter Collazo could look really good against.

Dallas' boxing history is being created now | Dallas Boxing Examiner

Matt Stolow takes a look at Dallas' boxing history.  Outside of Curtis Cokes, there ain't a whole lot.  If Pacquiao-Clottey goes well, don't be surprised to see more big fights there in the future. 

Boxing must protect old fools looking to fight on from themselves | The Daily Mirror

This editorial from Barry McGuigan pretty much sums up my thoughts on a potential Mike Tyson comeback,  Evander Holyfield getting relicensed to fight in Nevada and Roy Jones taking another bout against a top fighter.  The Clones Cyclone probably has more firsthand knowledge than most.  He got out of prizefighting when he was only 29, but he still has his full wits about him. 

Mills Lane to receive BWAA award | ESPN

Lane will receive the James J. Farley award, for those who exemplify honesty and integrity in the sport.  Lane's mostly been out of the fight game since suffering a stroke in 2002.  I find the timing odd, but I doubt anyone will complain about Lane receiving an honor, as he was truly an all time great referee.

Wlodarczyk - Fragomeni II heading to Poland | Boxing Scene

A Polish promotional company won the purse bid for Krzyzstof "Diablo" Wlodarczyk and Giacobbe Fragomeni to rematch for the now-vacant WBC cruiserweight title.  The first match was a doozy, which was held in Italy and resulted in a relatively uncontroversial draw.  Holding the fight in Poland obviously pushes things in favor of Diablo.  It may seem strange to Americans, but the purse bid for this one was three times higher than that for Collazo-Aydin. 

Police investigating death of Mike Dietrich | Baltimore Sun

Dietrich was a 12-1 heavyweight prospect who had been fighting around the beltway.  Dietrich was found dead in the basement of his home at age 26. 

Z Gorres continues recovery | ABS CBN News

Gorres has been back in the Philippines for a couple weeks now after collapsing and nearly dying after a fight in Las Vegas a few months ago.  While he's slowly recovering, he's had some additional problems, including a throat blockage that has required surgery.  He's been undergoing an "aggressive" therapy regimen, and reportedly he's recovering control of his left hand.